Photocase: A Sweet Introduction

You may have heard about a stock image website that offers exclusive images to its clients. It does sound like a great agency, right? Many websites have scattered all over the internet and they all offer one product – typical stock images. Unlike these common sites, Photocase offers extraordinary images that you will never find in other websites. Here is a sweet introduction about Photocase photography to help you appreciate it more.

History of Photocase

Photocase was founded to help a small group of graphic designers share their photos between one another freely and easily. It started serving a huge number of freelance editors and graphic designers in 2001. They shoot, upload and share their own pictures to create a pool of unique, good quality images that they could use in any project free of charge. The server then grew to what it is today.

Since then, many have shared the website’s passion for atypical and inspiring stock photography. It is now a community of over 12,000 photographers, 160,000 images and 360,000 users. The Photocase’s customers include some of the largest design and advertising agencies in Germany. It also caters to bloggers, editors and publishers. If you are one of those people who are tired of typical stock images, you should join the website’s growing community.

The Photocase Now

Although the website has grown to a remarkable creative community, the idea has not changed at all. It still believes that stock photography does not have to look like stock photography – but more. Photocase does not want to be a part of a market that sells similar images. It has a different vision. It focuses on providing more creative, unique and authentic images. Thus, it became a home for strongly curated stock photography.

If you browse through the website, you will see that Photocase has been successful in achieving its vision. The site is filled with unique and exciting images. The contributors are passionately adding more exciting and inspiring images to gain approval from the website’s strict requirements. How strict is the application for approval? It is very firm. In fact, 90% has been rejected.

Although the company has a strong hold on the German market, it is now working on establishing itself overseas. Photocase feels that there is a big demand for creative, high quality and unique stock photography. And, that is what its library is full off.

To make things even better, the websites partners with other websites to provide its users with Photocase free credits and discounts. For instance, offers a Photocase coupon code upon registration via its link, giving new users 3 free credits and a 25% discount which are automatically added to their account.

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