How a Shutterstock Coupon Code Can Help Your Small Business

Shutterstock is one of the most well-known stock photo and vector image sites online. For many people, stock photos are the way to go to help them with their marketing efforts. For others, however, stock photography is not so affordable. For these people perhaps a Shutterstock coupon code can help them.

It is an agreed-upon fact that stock photography is far more cost-effective than conducting your photo shoot. Stock photography brings to life the phrase that a picture is worth a thousand words. It is often far more efficient to choose the right stock photo to convey a message than it is to write two or three paragraphs attempting to convey the same message to an audience.

Stock Photo Secrets has maintained a relationship with Shutterstock. As a result of this relationship, the readers and subscribers of Stock Photo Secrets are granted an exclusive coupon code they can use on their next Shutterstock subscription. The coupon codes enable small business owners to take up to an additional 10% off their Shutterstock subscription. That’s actually a lot more than what some people might think. Let’s demonstrate.

Imagine that your budget is stretched tight – unless it really is stretched tight like most business owners. In that case, you don’t need to imagine anything. Take your yearly budget and add 10% to it. For some small business owners, this could mean an additional thousand dollars. Without a doubt, you can find a place to use a thousand extra dollars per year effectively. Now let’s put that in perspective with a Shutterstock coupon code. The plan that Shutterstock has that provides the most value to the customers cost about $200 per month for 750 images, or $2400 per year. For those who don’t know easy math, 10% of $2400 is $240. Now let’s subtract $240 from $2400. Your new price per year is $2160. That means your final price gives you more than one free month which is over 750 free images. There’s some serious value in that.

Shutterstock is been around since 2003. It is a New York-based company that was started by a photographer. Many people in many marketing departments across the country and the world know and realize the value of stock photography. It is far cheaper than any personalized photo shoot, and Shutterstock offers a royalty-free images. Once you purchase an image, you may be subject to a licensing agreement; however, you will not need to give credit to Shutterstock for the photo. You may use it for your blog and your marketing efforts as if you owned the photo.

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