The 8 Best Cheap Stock Photos Sites for Your Blog

As a blogger, you’re constantly searching for the perfect image to accompany the latest informative, entertaining and pin-worthy post on your blog. You want a bold statement photo that will catch the reader’s eye and draw them into your post. Aside from the title, the photo is often the first thing a reader sees.

It can be tough to find cheap stock photos that are stunning as well. Bloggers don’t often have the cash to spend hundreds on one picture, so cheap stock images are helpful for bringing the blog to an elevated level. There are dozens of cheap stock agencies, but these are some of the best for cheap stock photography that you can manipulate to suit your needs. Visit here for free photo sites.

When you’re considering affordable stock photos, it’s important to think about your needs first. If you’ll need one picture or a dozen, the pricing could effect the type of subscription you choose. Often, it can be more affordable to buy a subscription than one photograph. When you’re blogging, you’ll need a photo for every post, especially if you want your viewers to pin or share to social media.

Most Affordable Stock Photo Agencies

    • Shutterstock
      Shutterstock has a pay as you go plan that includes two images, five images or more for a low price. Two images cost $29. On the other hand, there is a plan that includes one month of photos. You can download 25 images every single day for the entire month for $249. That could satisfy your blogging needs for the next six months.

  • iStock
    Another site for inexpensive stock photography is iStock. At iStock, you can buy credits for purchasing cheap stock photos. Ten credits cost $19.99. The more credits you buy, the lower the cost of the credits. They also have a subscription plan, which will save you even more money. A month of downloads is $199, which equals 250 downloads.
  • Fotolia
    Cheap stock images can be purchased from Fotolia using credits or buying a subscription. Ten credits costs $14, or you could choose a subscription to Fotolia for $25, which would give you five XXL images, or ten M images. The size of the images should be a consideration since larger photos are clearer and sharper when being manipulated.
  • Dreamstime
    Affordable stock photos are available at Dreamstime by subscription or credit. The credits start at 11 for $14.99, and the subscription starts at 25 images a day for one month at $215. The amount of images needed should dictate the plan that you use. It makes more sense to purchase a subscription plan if you need to fill your blog posts for the next few months.
  • Canstockphoto
    At 15 credits for $9.00, CanStockPhoto is one of the cheap stock photo agencies. They have one week subscription plans at $39. You can download 10 photos a day for seven days with the one week plan. The one month subscription plan is $99 at 10 downloads per day.
  • 123RF
    The cheap stock photography at 123RF can be purchased using the same method as the others. Twenty credits cost $20, and one month of downloads, which includes five photos per day, is $89.
  • Depositphotos
    Credits at DepositPhotos are $32 for 30. When purchasing credits, find out whether the site allows you to download at any time. Some sites have a time limit. DepositPhotos allows users to keep credits for up to one year to use any time. For $69, the one month subscription plan allows users to download five images per day of any size.
  • Bigstock Photo
    The daily subscription plan for one month costs $79 and users can download five images per day with that plan. The credits cost $35 for ten. Credit packs are recommended for anyone who only needs one or two photos. It might make sense to purchase a few images by credit before making a major investment in any one site.

Cheap Stock Photos by the Dozens – Subscriptions

It’s important to remember that the cost of the subscription plans can be the perfect solution for a blogger who needs dozens of photographs. They can be manipulated with easy online programs such as Canva or PicMonkey. This makes blog posts pinnable and shareable.

Many of these sites have video, high definition photographs and vector images, so any type of photo for your blog is available. Check out the types of photos and the quality before purchasing subscriptions or credits. You’re locked into a plan once you’ve made your purchase, and don’t forget to scan and tentatively choose your photos in advance of making your subscription purchase. Five, ten or more images per day can seem like so little until you have to search millions of images.

The plans and subscriptions are subject to change, and there could be deals at any time. has more information regarding these sites as well as up-to-date information on inexpensive stock photography from cheap stock agencies.


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