7 Steps on Finding the Perfect Cheap Stock Photos

Finding the perfect image to reinforce your message has been a huge part of every project. It is one of the biggest decisions you have to make. With over millions of choices in various cheap stock photo sites, it can be tough to sort through all of the images to look for the ones that will work. Here are seven steps on finding the perfect cheap stock photography for your creative project.

  1. Lay out the content. You may be tempted to visit your favorite stock photo agency and start looking around for images; however, this may get you in trouble. You need to lay out the content first to determine how many cheap photos you need and how many you will use. By understanding how much content you have and how much space you have to work with, you are able to download and use enough images to fit your project.
  2. Plan the image’s placement. The difference between choosing the right and wrong image for you project comes in placement. If you have design elements and text to add to your cheap photos, you need to choose images with plenty of room to breathe in. make sure there is plenty of space in order to scale and crop the image, without worrying about fitting everything in your design.
  3. Leave room for text. If you are planning to add a catchy quote, make sure you choose stock photos cheap with built-in negative space to accommodate your text. It should contain a flat surface or block of color to place text with contrasting color.
  4. Take note of contrast. Use cheap stock images with light or dark-colored areas if you can’t find any with negative space. Avoid images with a noisy pattern or a neutral background to avoid ruining your design by applying a drop shadow or stroke to your text.
  5. Consider orientation. What are you using the images for? By determining the purpose of the cheap stock photos, you will be able to choose the right orientation. For instance, if you are designing a postcard, a landscape photo is the best option. If you need an image for a poster, portrait is the perfect orientation for you.
  6. Important notes on images of people. When choosing cheap stock photography of people, you need to consider facial expressions, objects they are interacting with, and their clothing.
  7. Narrow your search. Lastly, filter your results by using advanced search options. Searching through irrelevant cheap stock images is the worse. Sort by relevance or by type to avoid wasting your time sorting through millions of images.

Finding the perfect cheap stock photography is not as difficult as it has to be. Use these seven helpful steps in your favorite cheap stock photo sites to improve your search and save your time. Instead of spending too much time finding the perfect image, spend it on creating beautiful designs and delivering the best work to your clients.

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